Unbound at Last

This is the country, The Quingdom of Bern. A place where humans and beasts live, and work, and talk, and pay taxes. Though sometimes they don’t pay taxes. When that happens, and no one else can handle it, that’s when I get called into action.

The name’s Talonfire.

I’m a Griffin for hire.

The Agorist Writers Workshop has now published one of my latest adventures. It’s called “Talonfire and the Tax Evader, From the Files of Talonfire: Griffin for Hire.” Yeah, it’s what I do about a lupin carnivoran–that’s a “wolf” to you people in Mushroom Meadows–who avoids paying his fair share to the Bureau of Revenue Enhancement. And he threatens to blow up the neighborhood. We can’t have that happen, now, can we?

Read about what happens in The Clarion Call, Volume 3: Unbound, a compilation of liberty-themed stories. Or so I’m told. I showed you the cover in my previous post; check it out. I don’t know about the other stories; I haven’t read ’em. But you can when you buy the book, which is now available here. If someone asks, tell ’em Talonfire sent you.

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