Recognition for the Griffin!

We Griffins love being recognized. So you can imagine how I felt when my agent told me about receiving a “runners up” honor for the Sue Alexander Grant. (For you people in Mushroom Meadows, the award is bestowed by the SCBWI, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.) My agent had submitted the first ten pages of my first assignment to the Crown, Have Wings, Will Travel, which is currently being declassified by the Quingdom of Bern Editorial Board.

Read about the award here.

Note what one of the judges said about it: “The author did an amazing job of world building. The story is rich, with fully developed characters involved in a very unique plot.”

Something to crow about!

I, your humble Griffin, extend congratulations to the winner, Christine Van Zandt, for her work, Butterfly Dreams, and to the third place choice, Sue Schmitt, for her work, Twice Cursed.

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