Live and Learn

Well, what do you know? My agent has found a way to–what’cha call “pin” my introduction so it’ll stay put as new posts are added. Pretty nifty, I say. If you want to know how it’s done, sashay over to this video tutorial by clicking on this word.

By the way, yesterday my agent posted a new “header image.” What do you think? Not exactly me in all my handsome splendor but it’ll do for now.

Hello, Friends!

You know the world’s a dangerous place and times are tough.

People have to deal with paying taxes. Dirty laundry. Crying babies. They can manage those things and carry on.

But some things people can’t handle. Like wolves at the door. Dragons burning crops. Alligators who don’t pay their rent.

They need help, someone who can protect them. That’s when they call on me.

The name’s Talonfire.

I’m a Griffin for hire.

Welcome to my site.